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Internet, our everyday tool for communicating, searching, learning, working, and many other functions. It has invaded our lives, our personal data, and now our homes. A true revolution that has now reached our homes, with an ever increasing number of new functionalities.

This digital revolution, accessible to all, changes our every day lives constantly; and not a day goes by without a new application or a new connected object. It is part of our lives, and of our children's lives.

A hyper-connected world, in which more and more every day devices have an Internet connection. This is the IoT, in other words, the Internet of Things. The whole family uses the Internet to surf, shop, play, travel, and visit, to enjoy all the benefits of this mass of available information.

Our homes have more and more connected things: cameras, alarms, locks, coffee machines... In the near future, our home will be our digital extension!

But the Internet also involves risks, that we call: Cyber Hacking
We protect ourselves against burglars with alarms, video surveillance, and home automation. These tools are extremely effective allies, but they are also very fragile because, if you are attacked by a hacker, they can become your enemies and turn against you! Imagine being spied on in your own home without knowing it, and with your own cameras or alarm system.

If you think that burglars are only people who attempt to enter your home physically, you are mistaken. Many of them may have already visited your home, and spied on you, from anywhere on the planet! Hackers attempt to break in via the Internet, and any vulnerabilities can be used for this purpose. Theft of your bank details, misuse of your personal data for identity theft, and much more!

Simple and easy to understand


Connexion WIFI / LAN / Bluetooth Screen 7 inch tactile and swivel Real-time control LED color for notification Electronic by SYLink
  • Safety and respect for your private life
  • Data encryption AES 128
  • Dynamic UX / UI
  • Real-time tracking of your IT security
  • Information and Solutions
  • Action and reaction of your devices

Prototype available!