Artificial Intelligence keeps you safe

Surf with peace of mind !

Safety is always under control

Keep an eye on your network, through the application SYLink Mobile. Fast and easy !

A secure, connected life

    SYLink's revolutionary design offers finesse and mobility, without compromising on performance. With its intuitive interface and simplicity, you no longer have to be an expert to monitor and understand your IT environment.

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    Internet, our everyday tool for communicating, searching, learning, working, and many other functions. It has invaded our lives, our personal data, and now our homes. A true revolution that has now reached our homes, with an ever increasing number of new functionalities.

    This digital revolution, accessible to all, changes our every day lives constantly; and not a day goes by without a new application or a new connected object. It is part of our lives, and of our children's lives.

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Security is not an option !

Prototype available!



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