French startup in the security of IoT

All our security skills in a Box !

Innovation in CyberSecurity

SYLInk is a startup 2.0 that has created a smart firewall which turns the internet's stormy waters into a serenity sea.
Easy to install, friendly to configure, SyLink has been designed to enhance user experience through its outstanding interface and its unique design. Following the same philosophy, the lighting communication system has been imagined to offer, at a glance, a clear status of network security.

The device itself changes gradually its color from white to red depending on the dangerousness of the attack. Based on a complex deep learning algorithm, SYLink learns from user’s habits in order to always protect and never disturb.
SYLink is an innovative solution based on the most powerful algorithms in the world. It scans, analyzes, detects, and alerts you in the event of danger.

SYLink's revolutionary design offers finesse and mobility, without compromising on performance. With its intuitive interface and simplicity, you no longer have to be an expert to monitor and understand your IT environment.
With the user-friendly mobile SYLink application for Smartphones, you control the security of your home at all times.

SYLink Technology: A secure, connected life !

Prototype available!